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Knowing and understanding the volleyball - A2Z Guide



Just like any other sport, the volleyball too has its own lingo, which the players need to familiarize to make the most out of the game of volleyball. The following are some of the words widely used in a game of volleyball.

• Ace: Ace is when one team serves to the other team and no one from the other team touches it
• Sideout: The sideout is when the team that serves the ball makes a mistake. When a team commits a sideout, the ball goes to the other team.
• The Roof: This is when a player jumps above the height of the net and blocks the ball.
• Stuff: This is when a player jumps about the height of the net and blocks the ball and the ball then goes back to the person who has spiked or attacked the ball.
• Kill: The kill is when a team attacks the ball but the ball ends in either a point or a sideout. 
• Dig: The dig is when a player makes a save from a hard spike where the ball is about to touch the court of the team. 

This was all about the volleyball lingo, you need to be familiar with to make the most out of a game of volleyball.

Some facts about volleyball you should know

Volleyball is a highly popular sport. The following are some of the facts about volleyball, which the volleyball lovers should definitely know: 

William G. Morgan first invented the game of volleyball in the year 1895. 

• The first World Championship of Volleyball was held in the year 1949 for men whereas the first world championship for the  women was held in the year 1952. 

• Volleyball was first known as Mintonette but it was then changed to Volleyball. 

• The game of volleyball was first introduced as an Olympic sport in the year 1964.

• On an average, majority of volleyball players jump around 300 times in a volleyball match

• The sport of volleyball took some of its characteristics form other sports such as handball and tennis. 

• The first designed ball for the sport of volleyball was created in 1900

• The longest recorded game of volleyball was in Kingston, North Carolina. The game took 75 hours and 30 minutes. 

• Volleyball is in fact the second most popular game in the world today only second to soccer. 

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These were some of the interesting facts about volleyball. If you are a volleyball fan, then it is important for you to know the basic facts of the sport.

Basic Volleyball rules

The following are some of the basic rules of the game of volleyball, which players need to know to make the most out of the game of volleyball. A game of volleyball consists of six players in each team on the court. Every team requires hitting the ball over the net in three touches without allowing a same player to hit the ball twice. 

The players in a game of volleyball are not allowed to throw, hold or catch the ball and are not allowed to hit or block the serve made by the opponents. The players in a game of volleyball are also not allowed to attack the ball, which is coming over the net, as it is known as illegal. The players are also not allowed to swing the ball until it breaks the plane of the net. 

These were some of the basic rules of volleyball. Apart from these, there are other rules of volleyball, which a person needs to know before playing a game of volleyball. Understanding the rules of the game is vital as it helps a person to make the most out of the game, and if you like to bet on sports from time to time, there are variety of great betting websites which offer lines on big volleyballs games

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Things You Must Consider Before Selling A House!


You plan to sell a house in the near future? Did you know there are some things you need to do, and think before you contact an agent? The sale should not be a quick decision, and there are several things to do. Here are some things to do before.

Where they live

Many owners start out on the sale of your home. Still others, rental or were bought new. One thing is certain, you want to secure your home before putting your home on the market place. In an ideal scenario, you have completely free 30 days after the sale of the property. Of course, you can extend the period of occupation.

Even if you have a good general education , it is an advisable to contact your lender. Ask your loan officer how exactly it takes to pay off your property. This could be the minimum that you accept when selling your home.


The determination of what they do is a difficult process for many people. Sentimental attachments and exaggerated opinions on your home's value. It is a good idea to find out the value of the market.

Repairs, large and small

If you want to take your home, it's time to take stock of your property. Are there any repairs you need completed? Large and small repairs before the house should be raised to the market. Big repairs such as roofs , Foundations, are in the past, but in the past. Make sure your home is the best conditions before departure.

Tax effect

In now cases, if a house to sell does not care much about taxes. However, if you do not want to be reinvested in the house, you can do it. An accountant can best advise you on this front. You should also consider when you go to traveling internationally with a dog.


Selling a home requires some thought before action. You want to think about it. It might even be useful to examine the motivation too. If you wake up one morning and I think it would be nice to pass the city, you may not want to call one broker!

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